Recreational Marijuana

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Recreational Marijuana

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) provides specific services the recreational marijuana industry.

Infused Edible Processor Inspections

Under contract with the Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB), WSDA is providing sanitary inspections of Marijuana Infused Edibles (MIE) processors. For more information on edibles inspections, please visit our MIE Information page.

Pesticide and Fertilizer Standards


WSDA developed criteria that determine which pesticides may be used on marijuana. The criteria and instructions for getting the list of allowable pesticides are available on our Pesticide and Fertilizer Use on Marijuana Web page.


Legal marijuana growers may use any fertilizer registered by WSDA, unless the fertilizer also contains a pesticide that may not be used on marijuana. More information and a link to our list of registered fertilizers can also be found on the Pesticide and Fertilizer Use on Marijuana Web page.

Chemigation and Fertigation

Chemigation is when pesticides are applied through an irrigation water system. Fertigation is when fertilizers are applied through an irrigation water system. Chemigation and fertigation have specific requirements that legal marijuana growers need to be aware of. More information is available from our chemigation and fertigation Technical Assistance Program.

Weights and Measures Standards and Inspections

All scales used for commercial transactions (including marijuana transactions) must meet strict accuracy and technical standards. Also, package labeling must properly disclose the package contents by weight or volume. Information for the legal marijuana industry on both of these topics is available on our Weights and Measures Program Recreational Marijuana Regulatory Requirements flyer.

The WSDA Weights and Measures Program conducts unannounced inspections to verify that scales meet accuracy and technical standards. More information is available on the Weights and Measures Program Web page.

More Information

Recreational Marijuana
Recreational marijuana use was authorized by Initiative 502, approved by state voters in 2012. It is regulated by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB).

Medical Marijuana
Medical marijuana information is available from the Washington State Department of Health.