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For more information, contact program staff or call (360) 902-1921.

The Grain Inspection Program provides sampling, weighing, quality testing, grade inspection, and phytosanitary services for grains and commodities following USDA and WSDA regulations. These services are available to the grain and commodity trade, end users, and other interested parties on request, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by contacting inspection offices in Seattle, Tacoma, Aberdeen, Longview, Kalama, Vancouver, Pasco, Spokane, or Colfax. Contact Program Staff. The program provides unbiased, third-party services under a USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) official delegation of authority and is entirely funded by fees for service.

Grain Inspection Program in Action Link to Grain Inspection VideoThe WSDA Grain Inspection Program provides grain inspection and certification services at facilities across Washington, verifying and certifying the condition of Washington and other regional grains and commodities - an essential documentation process for large-scale  trade in domestic and international markets.  Services are available 24 hours per day, and are entirely funded by fees for service.

Grain Inspection Management System (GIMS)

Access (formerly

The Grain Inspection Management System (GIMS) allows authorized customers to access and print inspection data, billing information, and certificates, and to manage and monitor their accounts at a secure website ( Access to the customer's inspection and account data may be activated by selecting the New Account Request link at the website and completing an access application request. There is no charge for the information provided at the website.

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