Commodity Commissions

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Commodity Commissions

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Washington State's 21 agricultural commodity commissions are engaged primarily in marketing and/or research related to a specific commodity. They are funded by producer assessments and vary in size and activity.

The Director of Agriculture is a board member of each commission and has specific duties related to commissions. The WSDA Commodity Commissions program manages the Director's duties. These duties include:

  • Overseeing the issuance, amendment or termination of commission marketing orders;
  • Supervising and coordinating nominations, appointments or elections of commission board members;
  • Reviewing and approving a commission's budget and programs.

Of the state's 21 agricultural commodity commissions, 13 are established by the Director through the adoption of marketing orders under the authority of RCWs 15.65 and 15.66 and eight commissions are established under separate state statutes.