Exports Statistics

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Exports Statistics

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Washington is the third largest exporter of food and agriculture products in the US.

In 2017, Washington exported $15 billion worth of food and agricultural products with nearly $7 billion being Washington origin. Leading products include:

·  Fresh fruit

·  Meat

·  Vegetables

·  Dairy products

·  Seafood

·  Wheat

·  Preserved foods

·  Forage Products

Washington ports are the closest mainland US ports to Asia.

About two-thirds of all Washington agricultural exports are destined for Asia. Ships can arrive up to two days sooner in key ports such as Tokyo and Busan. Airfreight can arrive in Beijing in less than 15 hours.  Combined the ports of Seattle and Tacoma are the 3rd largest container gateway in North America and have excellent rail/road/air links.

Canada, Japan, China/Hong Kong, the Korean Republic, and Mexico are the top five markets for Washington agricultural exports.

Washington is a major producer of food and agriculture products

Among all US states, Washington is (USDA 2016) :


·        No. 1 in the production of:  Apples, hops, spearmint oil, wrinkled seed peas, concord grapes, sweet cherries, pears, raspberries for processing, blueberries, aquaculture

·        No. 2 in the production of:Potatoes, Niagara grapes, nectarines, apricots, all grapes, onions, all raspberries, asparagus

·        No. 2 in the export of seafood

·        No. 2 in the diversity of crops grown (over 300 crops grown)

·        No. 3 in the export of food and agriculture products