About WSDA

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About WSDA

WSDA has been serving agriculture and the public for more than 100 years. Through service, regulation, and advocacy, we support keeping agriculture viable and vital in Washington State, while protecting consumers, public health, and the environment.

The nature of our work falls into three primary roles:
WSDA Service

Our expertise is widely recognized as a valuable resource. Services asked for and paid for by industry include but are not limited to quality inspections, certification, laboratory testing, and produce grading.

WSDA Services
WSDA Regulation

We offer guidance, workshops, and technical assistance to support education for better compliance. Regulatory work includes registration, licensing, permits, inspection, investigation, and compliance support.

WSDA Regulations
WSDA Advocacy

We work to raise the profile of Washington's agricultural products and industry. Through policy, planning, partnerships, outreach, and promotion, we can be a voice, catalyst, and facilitator for a viable industry.

WSDA Advocates

Administrative Services

Provides financial services, computer and information technology services, personnel services, administrative procedures guidance, legal services, and safety and emergency management programs for the department's 36 programs.


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