Plants & Insects

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Plants and Insects

Apiary (Bees)
Commission Merchants
Weights and Measures

Apiary (Bees)

RCW 15.60 Apiaries
RCW 15.62 Honey Bee Commission
WAC16-602 Apiaries

Commission Merchants

RCW 20.01 Agricultural Products -- Commission Merchants, Dealers, Brokers, Buyers, Agents
WAC 16-623 Commission Merchant Act -- Licensing Fees, Proof of Payment, Cargo Manifests and Registration of Acreage Commitments


WAC 16-218 Hops -- Certification Analyses -- Fees
WAC 16-354 Hop Planting Stock Certification
WAC 16-497 Hop Disease Quarantine
WAC 16-645 Hops Bales -- Weights and Tares


RCW 17.04 Weed Districts
RCW 17.06 Intercounty Weed Districts
RCW 17.10 Noxious Weeds -- Control Boards
RCW 17.12 Agricultural Pest Districts
RCW 17.15 Integrated Pest Management
RCW 17.24 Insect Pests and Plant Diseases
RCW 17.26 Control of Spartina and Purple Loosestrife
RCW 17.34 Pest Control Compact
WAC 16-301-045 Prohibited Noxious Weed Seeds
WAC 16-301-050 Restricted Noxious Weed Seeds
WAC 16-470 Quarantine -- Agricultural Pests
WAC 16-474 Eastern Filbert Blight Quarantine
WAC 16-750 State Noxious Weed List and Schedule of Monetary Penalties
WAC 16-752 Noxious Weed Control


RCW 15.08 Horticultural Pests and Diseases
RCW 15.13 Horticultural Plants, Christmas Trees, and Facilities -- Inspection and Licensing
RCW 15.14 Planting Stock
RCW 15.15 Certified Seed Potatoes
RCW 15.17 Standards of Grades and Packs
RCW 15.19 Ginseng
RCW 15.26 Tree Fruit Research Act
RCW 15.65 Washington State Agricultural Commodity Boards
WAC 16-322 Certification of Mint Planting Stock
WAC 16-324 Certification of Seed Potatoes
WAC 16-325 Seed Potato Isolation District
WAC 16-328 Certification of Strawberry Planting Stock
WAC 16-333 Certification of Caneberry Planting Stock
WAC 16-334 Garlic Planting Stock Registration and Certification
WAC 16-350 Registration and Certification of Fruit Tree Planting Stock
WAC 16-401 Nursery Inspection Fees
WAC 16-402 Plant Pest Infestations and Plant Labeling
WAC 16-462 Grape Planting Stock -- Registration and Certification
WAC 16-465 Rules and Regulations for the Official Determination of Bacterial Ring Rot in Seed Potatoes
WAC 16-472 Barberry and Black Stem Rust
WAC 16-473 Lentil Anthracnose Quarantine
WAC 16-481 Grape Insect Pests
WAC 16-482 Seed Potato Quarantine
WAC 16-483 Grape Virus Quarantine
WAC 16-487 Prunus Disease Quarantine
WAC 16-488 Fresh Fruit of Blueberry Quarantine
WAC 16-489 Blueberry Scorch Virus Quarantine
WAC 16-520 Seed Potatoes
WAC 16-524 Tulip, Iris and Narcissus Bulbs
WAC 16-540 Mint
WAC 16-695 Rules Relating to Ginseng Management

Weights and Measures

RCW 15.80 Weighmasters
RCW 19.94 Weights and Measures
RCW 19.112 Motor Fuel Quality Act
WAC 16-659 Weights and Measures -- Liquefied Petroleum Gas
WAC 16-662 Weights and Measures - National Handbooks and Retail Sale of Motor Fuel
WAC 16-663 Service Agents -- Reporting, Test Procedures, Standards and Calibration of Weighing and Measuring Devices
WAC 16-664 National Type Evaluation Program
WAC 16-674 Weights and Measures -- Exemptions, Weighmasters and Device Registration
WAC 16-675 Calibration Services, Special Inspection and Testing Fees