Chemical and Hop Laboratory

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Chemical and Hop Laboratory

Hops ready for harvest.
Supports several agency programs by analyzing samples taken in investigations of alleged pesticide misuse, and analyzing feed and fertilizer samples. Monitors for pesticide residues in food and dairy products.Carries out physical grading and chemical analysis of the hop crop to ensure orderly international and domestic marketing.


21 North 1st Avenue, Suite 106
Yakima, WA  98902
Phone:  (509) 249-6933
Hop Toll-free:  (800) 218-4337
Fax:  (509) 454-7699

Mike Firman, Chemical and Hop Program Manager
Phone: (509) 249-6943

Theresa Otto, Administrative Asst.
Phone: (509) 249-6949

Environmental and Feed & Fertilizer

Contact:  Christina Wiseman
Phone:  (509) 249-6944

Food Safety, Organic Certification, and Pesticide Data Program

Contact:  Brittany Holmes
Phone:  (509) 249-6942

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Contact:  Qingfen Gu
Phone:  (509) 249-6945

Hop Inspection

Contact:  Christina Wiseman
Phone:  (509) 823-0355