Pesticide Distributors

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Pesticide Distributors

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Businesses distributing or selling pesticides other than those labeled for "Home and Garden Use" must have:
  • A pesticide dealer license endorsement on their Washington State Master Business License and
  • Staff with a Dealer Manager license at the business location at all times when non-home and garden pesticides are being offered for distribution at in-state dealerships. Most businesses will need to have several employees with a Dealer Manager license to meet this requirement.

Am I a Pesticide Distributor?

Find information to help you comply with WSDA pesticide distribution regulations.

Pesticide Distributor Guidance [PDF]

Registering Your Business

Find information on how to properly register your business for the purposes of pesticide or fertilizer distribution.

Register Your Business [PDF]

Learn more about obtaining study materials, taking pre-license courses, preparing for exams, and exam locations.

Preparing for and Taking Exams

The Pesticide Dealer license is an addendum to the Business License. Obtain or maintain it through the Department of Revenue's Business LIcensing Service
Any pesticide that bears home, residential, limited animal (e.g., pet or companion animal), or small-scale animal quarters uses on the label are considered Home and Garden Use, except for:
  • State of Federal Restricted Use Pesticides.
  • Category I, "Danger-Poison" products.
  • Products with labeling for "Commercial or Professional Use Only" (or similar).
  • Products with an Ag Use box on the label.
  • Rodenticides that are classified for PCO, agricultural, or commercial use.