Input Material Registration

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Input Material Registration

Program Manager: Brenda Book
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What is material registration?

The USDA organic regulations require that organic products be produced and handled using only natural input materials, with an exception for a limited number of synthetic materials specifically included in the rule. Determining which materials are approved for use in organic production or handling can be a daunting task.

To make it easier for organic farms and businesses to find approved input materials, input material manufacturers or registrants may choose to have WSDA organic program review their input materials for compliance with the applicable sections of the USDA organic regulations.

WSDA then publishes a list of these materials so businesses can easily identify approved organic input materials. This list does not provide any guarantee for the efficacy of input materials included on this list, nor does it offer an endorsement for any product; but the list does serve to verify that the materials are approved for use in organic agriculture.

Organic Input Material List

The WSDA Organic Input Material List includes a list of all materials that we have reviewed and approved for use in organic agriculture. This list is typically updated quarterly.

Name of Document Printable form
Organic Input Material List PDF 350 KB

The list is sorted by company name and may be searched using keyword. While the exact method to search will depend on the application you are using to view a PDF document; typically it will be Ctrl+F for Windows users and Cmd+F for Apple users.