Is Your Weighing or Measuring Device Legal?

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Is Your Weighing or Measuring Device Legal?

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The National Type Evaluation Program

Weighing and measuring devices installed after July 5, 1997, and used for commercial purposes must be traceable to a National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) Certificate of Conformance. Chapter 16-662 WAC provides specific rules on the state's NTEP requirements.

In Washington, a Certificate of Conformance must be provided as part of the sales transaction of the device. In addition, the Certificate of Conformance must be maintained at the same location as the device.

Violations of the state's NTEP rules may result in civil penalties, the issuance of stop use orders, or seizure of the device.

There are some exceptions to the NTEP certification requirements however, all of the exceptions require the device meet the technical requirements of NIST Handbook 44 and administrative requirements of NIST Handbook 130. You should consult WAC 16-662-105(3)(e) and WAC 16-662-115(3) or contact the Weights and Measures Program if you think you have a device that is an exception. The exceptions apply to devices in service in Washington prior to July 5, 1997. Another exception is for a one-of-a-kind device. One-of-a-kind devices are manufactured to meet special needs or requirements. Contact the Weights and Measures Program prior to installing a one-of-a-kind device. 

The purpose of NTEP is to assure users, sellers, manufacturers, as well as weights and measures officials that a particular model or type of weighing or measuring device and its associated equipment is capable of meeting standards. Devices tested under this program pass rigorous tests to insure they are suitable for their intended use and that they will consistently provide accurate measurements. The National Conference on Weights and Measures administers the NTEP program.

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