Matching Buyers & Sellers

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Matching Buyers & Sellers

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WSDA matches qualified foreign buyers with Washington sellers of food and agriculture products.  We assist Washington companies to enter foreign markets and find buyers, and we help buyers find Washington companies to supply the products they are seeking.

Assisting Washington Companies

Trade specialists in Olympia, Yakima and Kennewick (Tri-cities) can assist companies to develop their export strategies, identify and provide introductions to potential buyers, and direct companies to others sources of assistance. They can also direct you to our contract representatives in Japan, China, Korea and Vietnam.

Helping Foreign Buyers

WSDA maintains an extensive database of over 800 companies in Washington State selling food and agriculture products.  This allows our staff to quickly find suppliers of almost any product. You can access our database at

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a valuable tool for presenting a company or new product to a large number of potential buyers.

WSDA works with other states and the Western U.S. Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA) to organize participation at other shows around the world.  Many of these are sponsored or endorsed by the USDA.  Please see International Marketing's Events and Activities calendar.

Trade Missions

WSDA recruits individual buyers to visit Washington State. Many of these buyers are referred through our offices in Japan, China, Korea and Vietnam. Also, we work closely with USDA's Agricultural Trade Offices and the USDA Cochran Fellowship program to bring buyers and other industry representatives from emerging markets to the U.S. Our goal is to bring qualified, serious buyers to Washington to meet with Washington companies and to learn about the abundance of quality products available in the state. These visits are listed on the Events and Activities calendar.