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Program Manager: Brenda Book

WSDA Organic Program

Washington State Department of Agriculture 
WSDA Organic Program 
1111 Washington Street SE 
PO Box 42560 
Olympia, WA 98504-2560 

Phone (360) 902-1805 

Comments, Complaints and Reporting Process

Leadership Team

Name Position Phone
Brenda Book Organic Program Manager (360) 902-2090
Dan Coyne Certification Coordinator (360) 902-1959
Sam Schaefer-Joel Input Material Coordinator (360) 725-5492
Scott Rice External Affairs Coordinator (360) 359-3021
Devin Dowell Organic Program Specialist (360) 902-2175
Jennifer Tillman Producer Review Lead (360) 902-1950
Sarah Morrison Handling & Processing Lead (360) 902-1964
Allison Dermond Inspector Lead (509) 406-2027

Outreach and Administrative Support

Name Position Phone
Jackson Axley Customer Service Specialist (360) 902-1805
Heidi Peroni Outreach and Education Specialist (360) 902-1805
Becky Reese Administrative Assistant (360) 902-1805
Erica Ware Administrative Assistant (360) 902-1805

Review Team

Name Specialty Phone
Erin Coyle Crop Production (360) 902-1805
Kelli Diaz Crop Production, Input Materials (360) 902-1805
Maxime Etile Input Materials (360) 902-1805
Elise George Handling & Processing (360) 902-1805
Colleen Hayes Crop Production (360) 902-1805
Lee Lemenager Crop Production (360) 902-1805
Liam McNamara Handling & Processing (360) 902-1805
Jason Pentzer Handling & Processing (360) 902-1805
Kyong Soh Crop Production (360) 902-1805
Michelle Tynan Crop & Livestock Production (360) 902-1805
Sarah Wiley Crop & Livestock Production, Handling & Processing (360) 902-1805

Inspection Team

Name Specialty Phone
Angela Anegon Crop Production, Handling (360) 338-5953
Melissa Barker Livestock Production (360) 701-5648
Liz Bell Livestock Production (360) 280-0126
Nicole Capizzi Handling & Processing (206) 445-5227
Jeff Collins Crop Production, Handling (509) 682-8457
Michelle Earnst Crop & Livestock Production (360) 763-2341
Brandon Lamb Crop Production, Handling (360) 485-7217
Del Long Crop Production, Handling (509) 420-3004
Jim McGreevy Crop Production (509) 630-7289
Jules Riske Crop Production, Handling (360) 628-4059
David Simpson Crop Production, Handling (360) 202-3069
Michael Snyder Crop Production (360) 902-1805
Kyle Stokes Handling & Processing (360) 763-2356

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The WSDA Organic Program is dedicated to organic integrity and professional service. We do our best to ensure that complaints from applicants for certification, certified operations, and the public are addressed in a timely manner. When submitting a complaint, providing complete and accurate information allows us to review or investigate the issue successfully.

Helpful details include:

  • Date
  • Time and location of alleged infraction
  • Pictures of noncompliant signage or product labels
  • Any other details that help follow up on the complaint
Your name and contact information is required so that we may follow up with you regarding the details of the complaint. Anonymous complaints cannot be accepted.

Complaints against a WSDA-certified party should be submitted to the WSDA Organic Program.

Complaints against a non-certified party should be submitted directly to the USDA National Organic Program.

Complaints against a WSDA Organic Program Employee should be submitted to the WSDA Organic Program.