Veterans and Agriculture in Washington State

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Veterans and agriculture in Washington State

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) exists to support the state's agricultural community and promote consumer and environmental protection.

More than 600,000 veterans live in Washington State. Many are considering agriculture as a career. WSDA supports this trend, because:
  • Agriculture is proving to be a good fit for those with the experience and skills gained in military service.
  • The average age of our state's farmers is almost 59. To maintain our ag industry, we need a new generation ready to step in.
Here's a good tool to start with -

Veterans Careers in Agriculture: A Resource Guide



General farming support
Many programs, organizations and resources can guide and support veterans getting started in farming - including marketing, branding, and other advice for those beginning or expanding their business.

Financial support
Check out several sources of grants and loans for farmers and ranchers.

Referring to the therapeutic benefits of nature and the outdoors, ecotherapy can help veterans who are experiencing depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder, or who are transitioning back to their communities.

From state colleges and universities to farm-focused organizations, veterans can learn, build and practice the skills necessary for a career in agriculture.

Looking for agriculture-related employment? Here are resources, such as job databases and listings, that can help.