WSDA International Marketing Program

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WSDA International Marketing Program

Helping Washington Companies Expand Food and Agricultural Exports Around the World

Our Mission: 

WSDA's International Marketing Program supports the health and viability of Washington's food and agricultural businesses. We facilitate buyer-seller connections, deliver resources and continually advocate for global market access. We are uniquely positioned to promote communication and collaboration so WSDA consistently serves industry needs.

Our Vision:

We envision a world where Washington State food and agricultural products are internationally known and sought after for their consistent high quality, diversity of offerings, and high standard for food safety and handling. We promote this brand identity in order to position Washington companies to export their products efficiently and profitably. Our services include:  WSDA's export development trade specialist in Olympia works to assist companies with resources needed to become export ready. The trade specialists in Seattle, Yakima and Kennewick directly assist individual companies and work with industry organizations. We also have contract representatives in Japan, China, Korea and Vietnam who are experts in the export and marketing of food products in those markets.

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