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State Central Dairy Laboratory

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Our FDA certified Dairy Laboratory tests pasteurized milk and milk products, retail raw milk and milk products, cultured products, raw milks ready for pasteurization, dairy water samples and pasteurized milk containers. These dairy samples are tested for both product safety and quality. More than 3,500 samples are tested each year. Our lab conducts tests for aerobic bacteria, coliform bacteria, somatic cells, antibiotics and alkaline phosphatase. When positive samples are identified, it can result in WSDA regulatory action being taken. Regulatory testing allows the interstate shipment of dairy products and is required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

WSDA's Food Safety & Consumer Services (FSCS) Laboratory provides an FDA certified State Laboratory Evaluation Officer (LEO) for the State-Federal Dairy Programs. The LEO is responsible for regulatory oversight and evaluations of private dairy laboratories in Washington State for the antibiotics and microbial testing. Each year, they also train about 200 dairy industry analysts.


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