Parents & Community

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Community & Parents

Parents, non-profit organizations, and volunteers can be great supporters and advocates for farm to school in cafeterias, classrooms, and the community. Join the Washington State Farm to School Network and/or look up what schools and organizations are doing farm to school near you, or might help you get started.

School Food & Procurement

Volunteers may be able to work with your school's nutrition services in a variety of ways to support school food procurement:

  • Work with nutrition services to find farms with local products
  • Hold taste tests of local foods and outreach in the cafeteria
  • Help create a positive cafeteria environment
  • Help make signage to highlight local products
  • Help create or update a School Wellness Policy to include Farm to School

Education & School Gardens

Classroom volunteers are common in many schools, especially elementary schools. Volunteer to bring food, agriculture, and education activities or themes into students' classrooms, or volunteer and fundraise for the school garden.

Promotion and Outreach

Make sure your community knows what farm to school activities are happening at your school and district in the cafeteria, classroom, or school garden. Here's a few ways to be champion for farm to school in your community: