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A Washington State Egg Handler/Dealer License is required for businesses or persons that produce, handle, contract for, or obtain possession or control of eggs for sale to wholesalers, dealers or retailers within or into Washington; or for processing and sale to wholesalers, dealers, retailers, foodservice, institutional consumers, or consumers within or into Washington.

Egg Information

  • The Egg Safety section of the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) Food Safety Program serves the public and the egg industry through enforcing state and federal laws and regulations to assure a safe food source and a stable marketplace.
  • WSDA does not issue the egg handler dealer license.
  • For information on egg handler dealer licensing please visit Department of Revenue's Business Licensing Service page for detailed information.
  • Egg producers who sell eggs from their own flocks at the place of production, directly to consumers for their own personal use, are not required to be licensed or buy egg seals.
  • Egg Safety is dedicated to enhancing food safety and egg quality by concentrating on inspection and technical assistance. We continually assess changing needs; dedicating our resources to critical areas and needs.
  • Our cooperative work with USDA (AMS) Poultry Programs, Grading Branch builds on past history to meet the needs of our stakeholders.

Farmers Markets and Direct to Retail

  • Farmers selling eggs (from a chicken, goose, turkey, duck, guinea, or any species of fowl) at farmers markets and through direct to retail sales (i.e. restaurants and grocery stores) must comply with the requirements of RCW 69.25 and be licensed through the Washington State Department of Revenue (WSDOR) as an Egg Handler/Dealer. Local health districts have jurisdiction over farmers markets in their areas and may conduct market inspections to assure vendor compliance with local rules and regulations.
  • Direct to retail sales also require obtaining Egg Seals from the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

On-Farm Sales and CSA

  • Poultry or egg producers may sell eggs from their own flocks directly to the end consumer from the place of production without the purchase of an Egg Handler/Dealer License or Egg Seals from WSDA
  • Shell eggs are a perishable food and must be handled properly with care under cold and sanitary conditions to assure consumer safety.

Off-Farm Sales

  • These Guidelines are intended for Shell Egg Producers who sell eggs off the farm and are USDA Exempt (flocks of 3,000 or fewer hens). The requirements are basic in design and cost to enable the 3,000 or fewer hen egg producers to put shell eggs into commerce while maintaining Good Manufacturing Practices. It is understood that as the egg production increases, the complexity of the operation may increase and require additional facilities and/or equipment to maintain Good Manufacturing Practices.
Click Here to view the full guidelines on off-farm sales [PDF 129 KB]

Licensing Fees

Note: Egg producers who sell eggs from their own flocks at the place of production directly to consumers for their own personal use are not required to be licensed or buy egg seals.

Egg Seals

Paste-on seals can be purchased for $2.68 for 1,000 dozen from the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Payment to the department is required prior to delivery.

To obtain the Egg Seal order form, open the link below or contact the WSDA Food Safety Program at (360) 902-1876.

Egg Seal

Egg Seal Order Form (PDF 12 KB)


Payment of assessment per dozen eggs is required for the sale of eggs in intrastate commerce except as provided in RCW 69.25.290 or in WAC 16-108-050.

Egg Handlers or Dealers can pay assessments on a monthly basis in lieu of purchasing or imprinting egg seals.

This can be accomplished by acquiring an assessment number from the department. This number is required to appear on all shell egg containers marketed in the state of Washington. (WAC 16-108-040)

Prior to the issue of this number to firms, it is necessary to request in writing your firm's desire to pay monthly assessments in lieu of the use and purchase of egg seals. Upon being granted a permit and number under agreement a firm's records are then subject to audit by the department, with all audit fees incurred to be paid by the firm. (RCW 69.25.270)