Commercial Applicators and Structural Pest Inspectors

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Commercial Applicators & Structural Pest Inspectors

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There are additional licensing requirements for Commercial Applicators and Structural Pest Inspectors. Both types of licenses require proof of financial responsibility and additional reporting requirements. For more information on these requirements, click one of these links:

Commercial Applicators

Information for insurance and bonding agents

Commercial Applicators must be licensed in all categories that the company operates. License categories are detailed on page 3 of the Pesticide/Pest Inspector Licensing Fact Sheet. Before a license can be issued, the applicant must submit a Commercial Applicator Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate (FRIC) or Surety Bond form that has been completed by their insurance or bonding agent. Pesticide law requires either a liability insurance policy that provides $50,000 public liability and $50,000 property damage coverage with no more than a $5,000 deductible or a $100,000 surety bond.

Employees of a Commercial Applicator who apply pesticides without direct supervision by a licensed person must have a Commercial Operator license. These individuals must be licensed in all categories that they work. The Commercial Applicator must report the names of the Commercial Operators they employ. As with other changes with their previously submitted license information, Commercial Applicators must notify WSDA within 30 days of any changes to their Commercial Operator listing. Employee changes, as well as business and equipment changes, can be reported on the Supplemental Commercial Applicator Pesticide License Application.

Both the Commercial Applicator and the Commercial Operator licenses are annually renewed and require participation in WSDA's continuing education program known as recertification.

Getting Licensed

Individuals who perform specific and complete wood destroying organism (WDO) inspections must be licensed as Structural Pest Inspectors (SPI). The Structural Pest Inspector Requirements fact sheet details this licensing requirement.

Both specific and complete inspections require proof of financial coverage. If you only perform specific inspections and you work for a Commercial Applicator with proof of coverage on file with WSDA for that license, no additional coverage is necessary. All others must meet the SPI financial coverage requirement.

If you perform complete WDO inspections, you must own or work for a company with the SPI Company License. This is a no-fee license. In applying for the license, companies must identify the inspectors that conduct complete inspections for the company. Any changes to the information provided on this company application, especially changes in employment, must be reported to WSDA within 30 days.

Information for Insurance and Bonding Agents

Before a SPI license can be issued, the company or inspector must provide WSDA with proof of one of the following four options of financial coverage:

Once licensed, the financial coverage must be maintained at the required level. If the SPI company fails to provide evidence of financial coverage or it falls below the required amount, all inspector licenses covered by it are automatically suspended.