How to Record or Renew a Brand

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How to Record or Renew a Brand

Recording a New Brand

New Brand Request Form

The first step in recording a brand is to create three designs that are simple and will be easyto read when applied to livestock. Next you will draw your choices on the brand application, inorder of preference.

Upon submitting your application along with a recording fee of $120.00, the Brand Registrar willcompare your design with others currently recorded to avoid duplication or similarities. If any one of your brand choices is available and the information you provided complete, you will be sent:
  • a registration form to sign before a Notary Public
  • a pattern for a livestock branding iron showing the size requirements- this blueprint will be used by the person building your new iron.
  • and a set of white cardboards to burn an imprint once your branding iron has been built
Note: It is unlawful to apply a brand on livestock until the entire registration process has been complete and all fees have been paid.If all of your choices are currently recorded to someone else, you will be offered alternative design ideas by mail. Washington does not record duplicate or similar brands as in many otherstates.

Branding Irons

There are several types of branding irons that a person may choose to use on cattle and horses:

Renewing an Existing Brand

On November 1st of the last year of the four year recording period, regardless of the original recording date, brand holders will receive a renewal notice in the mail. If a brand is not renewed during the renewalperiod, the brand recording will expire. Once expired, it is held for one year by WSDA to give the originalowner an opportunity to renew it if he/she chooses. At the end of this period the design is released and made available to the public. Reinstatement of public brands are treated the same as recording a new brand (new application, signed statement, etc) and the same fee is charged. A renewal fee of $120.00, (plus a $25.00 late charge if applicable), is payable to the Department.

Heritage Brands

The 1998 Legislative Session allowed the WSDA to establish criteria and fees for the permanent renewal of brands registered with the Department. This designation is called Heritage and allows the industry to "retire" long time family brands. Heritage brands are recorded for a period of twenty years and are not intended to be used on livestock. The fee to record a brand under the Heritage program is $600.00.

Transferring an Existing Brand

Brand Transfer Request Form

Under RCW 16.57.090, a livestock brand is the personal property of the owner(s) on record. Any instrument affecting the title of such brand shall be acknowledged in the presence of the recorded owner(s) and a Notary Public. To change the ownership of a brand, a Transfer of Brand Title must be completed.

To Add Persons, the current owner(s) on a recorded brand must sign the Transfer form before a Notary Public stating that they wish to include new person(s) on the existing brand.

To Delete Persons, the current owner(s) to be removed from a recorded brand must sign the Transfer form before a Notary Public stating that they wish to give up all ownership in the present recorded brand.

If a current owner on a recorded brand is deceased and is to be removed fromthe ownership title, the Transfer form must be signed by the Executor or Administrator of the Estate. A copy of the death certificate and power of attorney must be submitted with the Transfer form.

A transfer fee of $25.00 is required for the above transactions. To make changes to a current brand, contact the Olympia office at 360-902-1855 for assistance.

Livestock Brand Book

Brand Book Order Form

The Livestock Brand Book is published following the completion of the renewal of registered brands for Washington state. To purchase a copy of the current Livestock Brand Book or an updated supplement, contact our Olympia office at 360-902-1855 or download the order form below. The cost of the brand book is $25.00.