"Green Tag" Conditions of Use

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"Green Tag" Conditions of Use

IMPORTANT - Licensed Milk Producer - PLEASE READ

You must meet all of the conditions for green tag use (RCW 16.57) or you will be charged the applicable Livestock Inspection fee.

What is a "Green Tag"?

Green tags are a voluntary means of officially identifying your unbranded bull calves or freemartins in lieu of livestock inspections. The green tag system, managed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA), was implemented in July 2013. Green tags are to be used by WSDA licensed Grade A milk producers to help with animal disease traceability when selling unbranded bull calves or freemartins.

If green tags are voluntary, why should I use them?

When you use green tags, your unbranded bull calves and freemartins are exempt from livestock inspection requirements at the first point of sale. But this exemption is only offered if the green tags are used correctly.

How do I use green tags correctly?

Green tags are only valid if all of the following conditions are met:
  • The bull calf or freemartin being tagged is:
    • Less than 30 days old and has not been previously bought or sold.
    • Not being transported out of the state.
    • Unbranded.
  • The sale is not through a public livestock market or special livestock sale.
  • Each calf has its own green tag.
  • A legible certificate of permit (haul slip) and a legible bill of sale listing each calf's green tag number accompanies the calf to the buyer's location.
Green tags may only be purchased by milk producers. 
Green tags are not transferable to others. 
Green tags may only be applied by the assigned licensed milk producer.
Questions? Visit our Identification Devices page or call the WSDA Animal Disease Traceability program at
(360) 725-5493.