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Washington State Department of Agriculture Livestock Inspection Program

P.O. Box 42560
Olympia, WA 98504-2560
Main Office (360) 902-1855
EMAIL: livestockid@agr.wa.gov


Map of Livestock Inspectors

Program Staff

Dr. Brian Joseph   (Olympia)
State Veterinarian
Office (360) 902-1881
E-Mail: bjoseph@agr.wa.gov
Robbie Parke   (Olympia)
Program Manager
Office (360) 902-1836
E-Mail: rparke@agr.wa.gov
Lori McCown   (Olympia)
Brand Recorder
Office (360) 725-5505
E-Mail: lmccown@agr.wa.gov
Brennan Kimbel  (Olympia)
Customer Service Specialist
Office (360)902-1808
E-Mail: bkimbel@agr.wa.gov

WSDA Livestock Brand Inspectors

Western Washington

Stacy Gundersen (Bow & Everson)
Field Supervisor
(360) 391-6183 
E-Mail: sgundersen@agr.wa.gov
Ron Balkowitsch (Vancouver) (360) 600-3166
E-Mail: rbalkowitsch@agr.wa.gov
Bobbi Ahmann (Onalaska)

(360) 827-0182
E-Mail: bahmann@agr.wa.gov
Kristina McDonald (Yelm) (360) 280-0410
E-Mail: kmcdonald@agr.wa.gov
Lena Lafritz (Carnation) (360) 485-3585
E-Mail: llafritz@agr.wa.gov

Eastern Washington

Kayla Slaybaugh (Pomeroy) 
Field Supervisor

(509) 780-1293
E-Mail: kslaybaugh@agr.wa.gov
Lynn Cotter (Nine Mile Falls) (509) 481-5908
E-Mail: lcotter@agr.wa.gov
Vicki Davis (Tonasket) (509) 486-2714
E-Mail: vidavis@agr.wa.gov
Hunter Ehrhardt (Yakima) (509) 424-1986
E-Mail: hehrhardt@agr.wa.gov
Shelley Goeken (Toppenish) (509) 949-3147
E-Mail: sgoeken@agr.wa.gov
Tom Groff (Walla Walla) (509) 240-6165
E-Mail: tgroff@agr.wa.gov
Sara Link (Goldendale) (509) 439-0069
E-Mail: slink@agr.wa.gov
Doug Riebold (Deer Park) (509) 742-0331
E-Mail: driebold@agr.wa.gov
Steve Brown (Ephrata) (509) 431-2802
E-Mail: sbrown@agr.wa.gov

Certified Veterinarians

Legislation in 1998 gave the WSDA authority to certify veterinarians to issue livestock inspection certificates in conjunction with health certificates. The Livestock Inspection Program administers the veterinarian certification program. Upon certification, veterinarians may perform inspections of cattle and horses at their place of business, at farms or ranches, and other facilities.

Please contact the Olympia office at 360-902-1855 for the current list of Certified Veterinarians. This list will be updated as additional veterinarians have completed certification training.