Fertilizer Label Requirements

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Fertilizer Label Requirements

E-mail: fertreg@agr.wa.gov
Phone (360) 902-2025

Any commercial fertilizer distributed in Washington must have a label attached to the package which provides the following information:
  1. Net weight;
  2. Product name, brand, and grade. The grade is not required if no primary nutrients are claimed;
  3. Guaranteed analysis and list the sources in a derivation statement below the completed guaranteed analysis;
  4. Name and address of the registrant or licensee. The name and address of the manufacturer, if different from the registrant or licensee, may also be stated;
  5. An appropriate heavy metals internet statement:
    1. PREFERRED: "Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the internet at: http://www.aapfco.org/metals.html."
    2. Other statements can be found in WAC 16-200-715 (7)

For additional label requirements and information on bulk, specialty or customer formula mix labels, refer to the WSDA Fertilizer Registration Guidance Document.

Electronic Label Submission Guidance

Submit labels by email to fertreg@agr.wa.gov as a separate PDF file. Give the label PDF file a name using the following format: Product Name_Date_New or Revised. For revised labels, include the WSDA Registration # in the file name as well.  Do not include any other paperwork in the PDF file. The e-label must be able to print on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Printed e-labels must be legible.

Revised Labels

This form is for minor changes only.  To revise a fertilizer label, fill out the REQUEST TO REVISE COMMERCIAL FERTILIZER PRODUCT LABEL (Form 4384).  A change in the brand name, product name, grade, guaranteed analysis, company name, or size guide number (fineness) on the fertilizer label is considered a new product and would require registration as a New Product.  For instructions on New Product Registration refer to the FERTILIZER NEW PRODUCT REGISTRATION CHECKLIST.