Tonnage Reporting

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Tonnage Reporting Requirements

e-mail:   Phone (509) 319-6243

All licensees and registrants are required to submit a Commercial Fertilizer Tonnage Report.

Inspection Fees: $0.30 Per ton for fertilizer.
$0.15 Per ton for lime.
Inspection Fee:
If you are required to pay an inspection fee the minimum is $12.50 for semi-annual reports and $25.00 for annual reports.
Forms: Semi-Annual, Form 4302
  Annual, Form 4330
Reporting Periods: Semi-Annual Reporting
January 1st - June 30th
July 1st - December 31st
Annual Reporting
July 1st - June 30th
Reports due by: Reports and payment for the January - June period are due at WSDA by July 31st of each year.
Reports and payment for the July - December period are due at WSDA by January 31st of each year.
Contact: Doug Warner
Phone: (509) 319-6243

General Information about reporting tonnage: