Washington Wilderness Hay & Mulch Management Program

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Weed Free Forage - Washington Wilderness Hay & Mulch Management (WWHAM) Program

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The WSDA Plant Services Program is entirely fee-based. Rates are established by state rule. WSDA is required to provide WWHAM certification and tagging supplies to growers at cost.

  • Field inspections by WSDA staff: $62.50 per hour plus mileage.
  • County weed boards [PDF 526kB] participating in the certification process may charge different rates.
  • Twine: $38 per bale + shipping charges.
  • Tags: $.51 each.

If you're interested in having your hay or straw certified as noxious weed-free, please consult this WWHAM Inspection map [PDF 124kB] to see if your county is inspected by WSDA Plant Services staff or by your county weed board.

Current WWHAM Certified Growers

WWHAM Certified Growers [PDF 62kB]

History of the WWHAM Program

In 2011, the Washington State Dept. of Agriculture's (WSDA) Plant Services Program assumed responsibility for the certification of noxious weed-free hay and straw in Washington.

Previously, the Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board (WSNWCB), in cooperation with the county weed boards, provided this service to growers. WSDA continues to cooperate with the county weed boards wishing to conduct hay and straw inspections, but will provide inspections in areas where county inspectors are not available. Like the WSNWCB, WSDA uses the standards and procedures of the North American Invasive Species Management Association's (NAISMA) Weed-Free Forage and Gravel Program  so that hay and straw certified in Washington will meet the standards of the US Forest Service and other agencies requiring noxious weed-free forage and mulch.

Following the NAISMA protocol for weed-free forage, inspections will be conducted within 10 days prior to cutting of fields. Surrounding buffers must also be free of mature seed heads or propagating parts of any weeds on the Washington noxious weed list or the NAISMA list.

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