Plant Certification

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Plant Certification

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Making virus-tested clean planting stock available to Washington's specialty crop growers is an important mission of the WSDA Plant Services Program.  Beginning with foundation Generation 1 propagation material from a National Clean Plant Network Center, Washington's certified nursery growers produce virus-tested clean planting stock for orchardists, vineyards and growers to plant.  We work to ensure Washington's specialty crop planting stock starts clean and stays clean.  The Clean Plant Center Northwest, located at Prosser, Washington is a member of the National Clean Plant Network.  They can be contacted at

WSDA offers eight voluntary participation certification programs for Washington's specialty crop growers, including fruit trees, grapevines, seed potatoes, hops, caneberries, strawberries, mint and garlic.

To apply for participation, fill out an application on PISCES before the due date for each certification program listed in the web pages below.  PISCES (Plant Inspection Services & Certification Electronic System) allows you to track all of your applications year to year, and check on field inspection results instantly.  You will also be able to attach back up documentation with your applications and include GPS maps by simply entering the longitude/latitude coordinates of your fields.

Your WSDA Nursery & Export Specialist [PDF 652 KB] can assist you with your application, or contact our administrative staff at (360) 902-1922.


Click on a program below for more information (including application due dates) and to view a current list of participants:

Caneberry Planting Stock Certification

Fruit Tree and Related Ornamental Planting Stock Certification

Garlic Planting Stock Certification

Grape Planting Stock Certification

Hop Planting Stock Certification

Mint Planting Stock Certification

Seed Potato Certification

Strawberry Planting Stock Certification