Grape Planting Stock Certification

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Grape Planting Stock Certification

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The Grape Planting Stock Certification Program is conducted under the authority and in accordance with chapter 16-462 WAC. Stock entered into certification is inspected for harmful insect pests, viruses and virus-like diseases.

To participate in this certification program, please contact your WSDA Nursery & Export Specialist [PDF 652 KB] and then submit form AGR 6037 using our online application system, PISCES. Certification application and fees are due by January 1st each year.

As of June 2017, we are making improvements to our grapevine planting stock rule.  WAC 16-462 is being revised to coordinate with similar programs in other western states, through a working group made up of state regulators, university researchers and the grapevine industry.  This two-year process will result in harmonized rules, making interstate shipping of grapevines easier while protecting our state from harmful pests and diseases of grapevines.

2019 Program Participants

Inland Desert Inc.
32508 W Kelly Road
Benton City, WA 99320
(509) 588-6615

Phytelligence, Inc.
12415 5th Place SW
Buren, WA 98146-2874
(206) 244-7783

Sidhu & Sons dba Briggs Nursery, LLC
715 S. Bank Road
Porter, WA 98541
(360) 482-6190

Skagit Horticulture, LLC
14113 Riverbend Road #3
Mount Vernon, WA  98273
(800) 459-3142

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates LTD
PO Box 231
Paterson, WA 99345
(509) 875-4340