Christmas Tree Grower Licensing

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Do you need a Christmas tree grower license?

Businesses that grow Christmas trees for sale in Washington state must have a Christmas tree grower license.

All trees bound for export must first be inspected by WSDA. The Christmas tree grower license isa requirement prior to the inspection.

Export regulations

If you export your Christmas trees, refer to this current summary of the export regulations [PDF 276 KB] for shipping Christmas trees and greens grown in Washington to other states, territories and foreign countries.

How much does a license cost?

The Christmas Tree Grower License costs $40 annually plus a $3 per acre assessment. The assessment will never exceed $5,000. The license is valid from February 1 to January 31 of the following year. Thefees help pay for research to strengthen our state's $42 millionChristmas tree industry and support the Christmas Tree Grower AdvisoryCommittee.

Are there exemptions?

Christmas tree growers whose business consists solely of retail sales are exempt from the licensing requirements if:

  • The grower has less than one acre of Christmas trees; or
  • The grower harvests less than 400 trees annually.

Facts about Washington Christmas trees

  • Washington is 4th in the nation for Christmas tree production.
  • There are nearly 400 Christmas tree farms statewide.
  • Lewis, Mason, Clark, Pierce and Thurston counties are top countiesfor cut trees.
  • Noble and Douglas fir trees are the most popular Christmas trees soldin Washington, accounting for 90 percent of all sales.
  • Many of Washington's Christmas trees are exported to Hawaii, California,Canada, Mexico, Asia and U.S. military bases worldwide.
  • Holiday greens, used for swags and wreaths, are also an importantChristmas tree-related product here, and are sold around the world.

More info on Washington's Christmas tree license program and advisory committee

Working Tree FarmWhy was the license program started?

Christmas tree farmers pushed for a program modeled after a similarprogram in Oregon to help address problems associated with pests anddiseases affecting trees. The committee provides a tool to notify growersof potential issues, and gives a voice to the industry in dealings with stateand federal agriculture officials. The program is described in theRevised Code of Washington, Chapter 15.13,, and the Washington AdministrativeCode, Chapter 16-401.

Where does the money raised through these license fees go?

The money raised goes toward research or marketing of Washington stateChristmas trees. None of it goes to the State's general fund.

What is the Christmas Tree Grower Advisory Committee?

The Christmas Tree Grower Advisory Committee is made up of 11 members who eachserve three-year terms. The committee consists of no fewer than five members representing the interests of licensed Christmas tree growers and the Christmas tree industry, and the WSDA director or the director's designee, which makes up the balance of the committee. The committee members come from both sides of the state and represent both small "choose and cut" farms as well as large wholesale farms. The group meets twice a year to consider issues of importance to theChristmas tree industry.

How can I join or learn more about committee activities?

If you are interested in serving on the committee, contact the WSDA ChristmasTree Program at or (360) 902-2062. You can also call, email orwrite to any member with questions or suggestions.

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