Fertilizer Inspection

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Fertilizer Inspection & Compliance Activities

Contact: Brent Perry at (509) 995-2876.
WSDA conducts on-going random and targeted fertilizer product sampling, complaint investigations, field label reviews, removal of unregistered products or products otherwise in violation of fertilizer law from sale and inspections at fertilizer distributorships. For the purpose of these activities, the state is divided into western, central and eastern Washington with one inspector for each region. For further information or to contact one of our inspectors, you may send an e-mail to bperry@agr.wa.gov or call  (509) 995-2876.

Fertilizer and Pesticides Placed on Statewide Stop-Sale Orders

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Report of the results of analysis of official samples of fertilizer within the state as compared with the analysis guaranteed on the label. (RCW 15.54.430)