Senior Nutrition Resources

What do you need today?

Good health and well-being at any age is important. However as your body gets older you need specific nutrients in order to maintain your health. Below is a compilation of senior specific nutrition resources that may help contractors meet their CSFP nutrition education requirements.           


USDA's Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) Slick Sheet

Informational flyer describing the foods offered through CSFP. There is space on the document for adding local program contact information.

USDA MyPlate for Older Adults

USDA's MyPlate for Older Adults

Provides a wealth of information on healthy eating for older adults.
USDA Household Materials

USDA's 10 tips Nutrition Education Series Choosing Healthy Meals as you get Older:

Highlights ways to integrate MyPlate food groups into the diets of older adults.

USDA Commodity Logo

USDA Commodity Fact Sheets

Product information sheets specific to commodities provided through CSFP and TEFAP. Each factsheet includes a description of the USDA foods product, storage tips, nutrition facts, and two recipes that use the product.

Seasoned Magazine

Seasoned Magazine

A quarterly magazine with healthy and creative recipes, targeted to adults over 50 years old. Published by Chop Chop Magazine.

Eat Smart Live Strong

Eat Smart, Live Strong

A SNAP-Ed approved curriculum targeted toward seniors. This tool is designed to improve fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity among 60-74 year olds participating in or eligible for FNS nutrition assistance programs.

Stockbox Cookbook

Stockbox Cookbook 

A cookbook highlighting meals you can make with Ingredients from the Commodity Supplemental Food Program, created by Wisconsin's Department of Health and Family Services Division of Public Health.

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National Institue on Aging - Healty Eating Resources

A collection of easy to read articles highlighting strategies to increase healthy eating for seniors.
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University of Florida State Extension's MyPlate for Older Adults

Educational tool to help convey nutrition messages that will assist older adults in applying the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to their eating patterns.

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Tufts University and AARP's MyPlate for Older Adults

Corresponds with the federal government's 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and is available in English, Chinese and Spanish.

Feeding America Logo

Feeding America Senior Nutrition Guide

Designed to educate food pantry staff on the nutritional needs of older adults and give suggestions for improved food procurement, distribution, and education practices.

Arizona Commodity Supplemental Food Program MyPlate Cookbook (Spanish)

A compilation of recipes using ingredients found in CSFP boxes.. Available in English and Spanish.