Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP) Tribal

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Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP) Tribal

The goal of the Emergency Food Assistance Program is to alleviate hunger in the state of Washington by providing funds, technical assistance, and information to community programs that deliver emergency food and services to hungry people.

Tribes can use their EFAP funds to support a food voucher program, food pantry activities, or a combination of both.
Food Pantry Program: Tribes can put all of their funds or a portion into a food pantry. Funding may pay for: administrative costs; operational costs such as rent, salaries, gasoline for vehicles and supplies; purchase of food; nutrition training for staff and clients; equipment purchases and repairs.
Voucher Program: Tribes can use funding to operate voucher programs to provide food vouchers to people who are in need of food. The vouchers are then exchanged for food at grocery stores. Funding may pay for: administrative costs; operational costs and for the face value of vouchers.

State General Funds support 31 tribes. WSDA awards biennial contracts every two years for the tribal food pantry and voucher program. Eligible tribes submit applications in May of odd years.

  • Tribal providers are eligible if they are Federally Recognized or are a Non-Federally Recognized Tribe that is a registered nonprofit organization with federal 501(c)3 status. Tribes may also apply through their choice of a tribal organization that is willing to serve as a contractor or administrator of the program. Currently 18 tribes apply through either Small Tribes Organization of Western Washington or South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency.

  • Tribes must agree to abide by the EFAP Tribal Procedures Manual, including but not limited to: Meet specific match requirements; submit required financial and data reports; practice nondiscrimination in providing services (Indian preference allowed); and not require participation in religious ceremonies or charge fees for services.

EFAP Tribal Voucher Procedures Manual

Find the answers to commonly asked EFAP Food Pantry questions.

EFAP Procedures Manual for Food Pantries

EFAP Procedures Manual for Food Pantry Contractors and Subcontractors (Includes EFAP Tribal)

EFAP Tribal Forms

EFAP Tribal Intent to Apply

All tribes interested in receiving EFAP Tribal funding must complete an EFAP Tribal Intent to Apply form.

EFAP Tribal Application Documents

Tribes or Tribal organizations that wish to receive EFAP Tribal funding need to complete the necessary application documents.

EFAP Tribal Subcontract

Tribal contractors that subcontract with other tribes or tribal organizations will need to complete a EFAP Tribal Subcontract with each tribe or tribal organization.

EFAP Tribal Invoice Template

Tribal Contractors must use the EFAP Tribal Invoice Template to report their expenditures in order to be reimbursed for their expenses.

EFAP Closeout Report

Our EFAP Closeout Report is a comprehensive “snapshot” of Washington State’s emergency food system comprised of data reported by emergency food providers participating in EFAP.


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EFAP Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to commonly asked EFAP Food Pantry questions.

Recipes and Nutrition Resources

Want help in supporting your clients in making healtheir food choices?  We've compiled tons of resources for cooking on a budget, including kid-friendly recipes, recipes in Spanish, as well as dietary guidelines from the USDA and additional nutrition guidance for older adults, pregnant women, new mothers and young children. 
For more information on how your tribe or tribal organization can distribute EFAP food or vouchers, contact your county's lead contractor