Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP) Tribal

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Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP) Tribal

EFAP is a state-funded program that supports local food banks and food pantries, as well as tribes and tribal organizations, with funding to help alleviate hunger for lower-income Washingtonians and tribal members, including the homeless. The funding is flexible and may be used for the purchase of food, food vouchers, operational costs, nutrition education and equipment or repairs.

Who can receive EFAP Tribal food assistance? 

State law sets a minimum requirement that clients simply declare that they do not have the resources to feed themselves and their families in order to receive EFAP Tribal-funded food or food vouchers from a tribe or tribal organization. Tribes may have additional requirements such as the client must live in a certain geographic area or they may only access services so many times a year. Tribes may not discriminate against any class of people, though Indian preference is allowed.


WSDA awards two-year contracts using state general funds at the beginning of the state's fiscal biennium.  As required by the legislature, EFAP Tribal funds are available to all Federally Recognized Tribes, as well as Non-Federally Recognized Tribes that are registered as 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.  Currently, EFAP tribal supports 31 tribes, including 18 that apply through Small Tribes Organization of Western Washington (STOWW) or South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency (SPIPA).

If you would like to learn more about eligibility, participation requirements or the application process, please visit our Hunger Relief Agency Hub.