Radiation Emergencies

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Randy Treadwell, Acting Risk Management Coordinator
Cell: (509) 413-3739

Washington State areas capable of radiological release are Energy Northwest's Columbia Generating Station nuclear power plant located 14 miles north northwest of Richland, the United States Department of Energy (USDOE) Hanford Site, military bases, medical and research facilities, private industry, and trucks, trains, aircraft, and vessels moving across the state carrying radiological materials. The Washington State Dept. of Agriculture (WSDA) and the Washington State Dept. of Health will work in partnership to respond to radiation contamination on agricultural land. The two agencies will evaluate the situation and determine whether state emergency officials should issue an agricultural advisory. The advisory notice is meant to alert farmers of a potential problem and direct them as to the actionsneeded to minimize risks. The advisory may direct farmers to take actions intended to protect employees, crops, feed for animals, or water supplies.

Food Control Areas

WSDA has the authority to establish a food control area, which is a defined area meant to control the movement and consumption of potentially contaminated food and milk products. WSDA's emergency response procedures for radiological emergencies are similar to actions of a bacterial, virus, or toxin event.

Resources for a Radiological Emergency