Northwest Warning, Alert & Response Network

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NW-WARN is a collaborative effort between government and private sector partners within our region's states and provinces with a goal to maximize real-time sharing of situational information without delay and provide immediate distribution of intelligence to those in the field who need to act on it. NW-WARN uses readily available communication methods to rapidly disseminate actionable information between members. The development of NW-WARN began in Washington State and is rapidly expanding to all of our member jurisdictions, which are Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Yukon Territory.

Memberships and Sector Gatekeepers

Members of NW-WARN are security and infrastructure managers from critical infrastructures across the region. Each member is carefully vetted to maintain control of access.

Each sector within NW-WARN is represented by several pre-designated Gatekeepers. Gatekeepers are responsible for overseeing the general information flow and are tasked with sharing information with their sector from other infrastructures.

Messages via E-mail/Text:

NW-WARN members can receive messages via e-mail or text when situations dictate. Members can e-mail infrastructure members and other infrastructure gatekeepers by logging on to the system clicking a Contact Group and e-mail this group The system then automatically loads the members into your e-mail client. Members may send an unlimited number of messages.

Website Updates:

The NW-WARN member only website will provide critical links and updates regarding developing situations. Redundant reports and notices will be posted on the website rather than being sent via e-mail. Specific information regarding weather, earthquakes, tsunamis and other hazards will also be available on the website. Members may submit sensitive information on their sector or jurisdiction to their gatekeeper for posting.

Text to Voice and Fax Capability:

When the situation dictates members may receive text to voice or fax notifications. This allows gatekeepers to transcribe a message and a computer voice will read the message once a phone is answered. This option provides an additional capability for professionals in the field who may not have access to text or e-mail.

Become a Member of NW-WARN:

Membership is open to critical infrastructure and security managers from the Pacific Northwest. All members are required to meet specific requirements as outlined on the NW-WARN website. Each member is carefully screened and vetted prior to approval.
For more information on becoming a member please see