WSDA Pesticide Registration Requirements

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Spray Adjuvants

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Spray adjuvants are products that are used to increase the effectiveness of a pesticide (e.g. extenders, penetrants, spreaders, stickers, surfactants) or to modify the characteristics of the tank mix (e.g. acidifiers, defoaming agents, drift control agents). Adjuvants must be registered with WSDA prior to distribution in Washington State.

To register, submit a completed Application for Registration of Pesticides (AGR 707-4216), a copy of the product label (preferably in searchable PDF), the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for products subject to Globally Harmonized System (GHS), a copy of the Spray Adjuvant Confidential Statement of Formula (AGR 707-4325) and the appropriate registration fee.

Spray adjuvants labeled for aquatic use must be consistent with WSDA criteria. Follow WSDA's guidance for registration of spray adjuvants, including WSDA's Guidance on Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Implementation for Spray Adjuvants, and the WSDA memo on Spray Adjuvant Ingredient Statements.

To assist the adjuvant industry, WSDA has developed a partial list of spray adjuvant ingredient names.

If your product is a 100% repack of another product or includes undisclosed components from a supplier, please have your supplier submit a complete CSF.