Pesticide Sensitivity Registry

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Pesticide Sensitivity Registry

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What is the Pesticide Sensitivity Registry?

Washington State law established the Pesticide Sensitivity Registry. People who are on the registry, or list, will be notified before pesticides are applied to landscaping or highway or roadway rights-of-way near the person's residence. See details below for people who want to be placed on the list and for pesticide applicators who are required to provide notification.

State laws establishing the Pesticide Sensitivity Registry



People who are certified by their doctor as sensitive to pesticides may apply to be listed on the Pesticide Sensitivity Registry. People on the list will be notified when areas next to their homes will have pesticides applied by a WSDA-licensed applicator. 

To be added to the list:

  • Complete WSDA's Application Form. Include All the information on this form, have your doctor sign, and return the form to WSDA.
  • Be sure to let WSDA know as soon as possible if your address, telephone number(s), or ownership of property changes.
  • Renewal Form - Must be completed yearly to be on this list. Renewal forms are sent out on October 15 of each year.

What to expect when you are on the list click here


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