Recordkeeping Requirements

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Recordkeeping Requirements

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All certified applicators who apply pesticides and all persons applying pesticides to more than one acre of agricultural land in a calendar year, including public entities engaged in roadside spraying of pesticides, must keep records of their pesticide applications for seven years. In addition, unlicensed pesticide users are required to maintain records when performing landscape applications to sites including, but not limited, to schools, day cares, apartment complexes, shopping centers, golf courses, and parks.

Records may be kept in any format as long as the required information is included. WSDA may require that records be submitted on a prescribed form. Currently, there are five forms available with selection determined by the type of application and the applicator's preference.

Pesticide Application Form Version Possible Use
Version 1:  English PDF  Word  Single application/1 location/1 applicator
Version 2:   English PDF  Word  Multiple applications/1 location/1 applicator
Version 3:   English PDF  Word  Multiple applications/l location/1+ applicator
Version 4:   English PDF  Word  Commercial Landscape Applications
Version 5:   English PDF  Word Commercial Pest Control Operators


The requirement for application records and WSDA approved forms are found in RCW 17.21.100 of the Washington Application Act and WAC 16-228-1320 of the Rules relating to General Use Pesticides.

To have a modified pesticide application record form listed as a WSDA "approved version", fill out and submit the "WSDA Pesticide Recordkeeping Form Approval Request", PDF.