Tips For Registrants

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Tips for Registrants

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The following tips should help registrants successfully register their commercial fertilizers.


  • Utilize the Metals Calculator to determine if your product passes the WSDA Heavy Metals Standards.
  • When selecting a laboratory to perform your metals analysis, be sure that it can perform the metals analysis using acceptable methodology.
  • Put the product name on the laboratory report.
  • Be sure to complete and submit the proper registration forms. (Refer to the section on Commercial Fertilizer Product Registration above.) 
  • Registrants should understand that the registration staff is unable to review labels without the full registration package being submitted. Registrants are invited to contact Fertilizer Registration Staff at (360) 902-2025 if they have questions when preparing their registration package.
  • Products containing a fertilizer and pesticide must be registered separately as a fertilizer and pesticide product.  Commercial pesticide product registration information is available on the internet at our Pesticide Registration Site.