New Product Registration Checklist

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New Product Registration Checklist

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All Commercial Fertilizer products distributed in Washington must first be registered with WSDA.

To register a fertilizer, please refer to the checklist below:

Submit originals to WSDA and keep copies for your file:

  1. Form 4300A "Application for Registration of Commercial Fertilizers"
  2. Remittance of $50.00 per product
  3. Form 4300B "Commercial Fertilizer Product Registration"
  4. Copies of laboratory analyses of the nine metals for each product.

    Be certain the laboratory report meets all of the WSDA requirements. Ensure the product name, as it appears on the label, is on the laboratory report. See details and lab information in the WSDA Heavy Metals Test Requirements sheet.

  5. Product label: Enclose the most recent copy.
  6. Ecology Questionnaire:  Must be completed and submitted for each waste-derived product and micronutrient fertilizer. All others must complete Ecology Information on the 4300B form.
  7. International registrants - It is recommended, but not required, that international registrants have a US agent.

(See the Fertilizer Registration Guidance Document for additional guidance.)

Before registering a waste-derived fertilizer or micronutrient fertilizer, WSDA must obtain written approval from the Department of Ecology as provided in RCW 15.54.820 of the Fertilizers, Minerals and Limes law. For further information related to Ecology review of these fertilizers, contact Tom Cusack at Department of Ecology (360) 407-6755.