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New Product Application

Program manager: Brenda Book
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Submit a new input material application for each product that you would like to be evaluated for listing on the Organic Input Material List. A .zip file containing the complete application can be found below. Alternatively, you may download the forms individually.

Complete application

Name of Document Printable form
Complete input registration packet Zip 198 KB

Individual forms

Name of Document Fillable Form Printable form
Organic Input Material Registration - Checklist (AGR 2808)   PDF 34 KB
Organic Input Material Registration - New Application (AGR 2289)   PDF 57 KB
Organic Input Manufacturing Facility Information (AGR 2817) Word 42 KB PDF 40 KB
Inspection Authorization Form (AGR 2814)   PDF 46 KB
Prohibited Practices Statement (AGR 2812)   PDF 30 KB
Request for Expedited Evaluation (AGR 2312)   PDF 31 KB

Additonal application forms

You may use the additional appliation forms below to add additional approved contacts to your account, or to replace the formulation form provided in the new product application above.
Name of Document Fillable Form Printable form
Input Material Formulation Form (AGR 2820) Word 75 KB  
New Contact Form Word 29 KB PDF 26 KB