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New application for organic certification

Program Manager: Brenda Book
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The new application

Each farm or business intending to market crops or products as organic must be certified. Complete and submit the new application below to begin the organic certification process. The organic system plan and additional forms referenced in the new application can be found on this page. Most forms can be completed electronically in Microsoft Word fillable forms which can be saved and emailed, or if you prefer in a printer friendly PDF format which can be printed and completed by hand.
Name of Document Fillable Form Printable Form
New application for Organic Certification (AGR 2500) Word 49 KB PDF 200 KB
New applicant fee (AGR 2499) Word 34 KB PDF 32 KB

Organic System Plan

The organic system plan is part of every new application. The new application form will help you determine which of the organic system plans below you need to complete. Please note that livestock producers must complete both the livestock producer and crop producer system plans.
Name of Document Fillable Form Printable Form
Crop producer system plan (AGR 2121) Word 149 KB PDF 248 KB
Livestock producer system plan (AGR 2254) Word 485 KB PDF 399 KB
Handler and Processor system plan (AGR 2180) Word 515 KB PDF 468 KB

New site and product applications

Depending on the types of activities you are seeking certification for, you will need to include: new site applications, new product applications, or possibly both with your new application. The new application will outline the the forms that are needed depending on your practices. The forms are linked direcly in the application and available below. You may also use the forms below to add additional sites or products during the certification process.

New site application

Crop and livestock producers need to complete a new site application for each new site they would like to use to grow an organic crop or pasture livestock on. 

Name of Document Fillable Form Printable Form
Site application (AGR 2264) Word 413 KB PDF 362 KB
Previous land use declaration (AGR 2262)1 Word 32 KB PDF 225 KB
1 The previous land use declaration is not needed for each new site, refer to the new site application to determine if a previous land use declaration is needed

New product application

Handlers and processors need to complete either a new handled or new processed product application for any products they would like included on their organic certificate. Processed products are single or multi-ingredient products that are cut, mixed, cooked, brewed, or otherwise processed by your business. Handled products are any crops or products produced or processed by another operation that you are handling but not otherwise processing.
Name of Document Fillable Form Printable Form
Handled product application (AGR 2524) Word 31 KB PDF 195 KB
Processed product application (AGR 2523) Word 32 KB PDF 196 KB

Additional product forms

The new product application may prompt you to complete additional forms depending on the ingredients and labels used for the product. These additional forms are linked directly from within the application and available online in the table below. These additional forms are not applicable for all products and do not need to be completed unless noted within the application.

Name of Document Fillable Forms PDF Forms
Single Ingredient Product Formulation (AGR 2179) Word 30 KB PDF 107 KB
Multi-Ingredient Product Formulation (AGR 2178) Word 33 KB PDF 130 KB
Non-Organic Ingredient Affidavit (AGR 2252) Word 29 KB PDF 207 KB
Commercial Availability Record (AGR 2251) Word 29 KB PDF 199 KB
Natural Flavor Product Questionnaire (AGR 2700) Word 31 KB PDF 221 KB
Organic Label Approval Verification (AGR 2724) Word 32 KB PDF 212 KB

Update forms

The new application may prompt you to complete additional update forms for items such as additional contacts or co-processors. These forms are linked directly in the new application packet and available below. These forms may also be used to provide updates about your business throughout the certification process.
Name of document Fillable form Printable form
Organic contact information (AGR 2515) Word 29 KB PDF 101 KB
Facility and location information (AGR 2519) Word 29 KB PDF 100 KB
Co-processor and custom handler information (AGR 2522) Word 30 KB PDF 207 KB
Input material list (AGR 2196) Word 29 KB PDF 105 KB

Resources for new applicants

WSDA Organic Program has compiled a collection of resources which may be helpful while completing your new application including: lists of approved input materials, example record keeping forms, and a video series on the requirements for certification.