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Organic Certification Videos

Program Manager: Brenda Book
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Sound and Sensible Video Series

This Sound and Sensible Organic Certification video series, filmed in Washington State, features certified organic clients and addresses some common questions about USDA Organic regulations and the certification process.

These videos were developed in partnership with USDA National Organic Program as part of the Sound and Sensible Initiative. For more information on other Sound and Sensible projects, visit the National Organic Program.

Steps to organic certification

Organic Certification doesn't have to be daunting. Explore the five key steps in the organic certification process.

Preventative practices for organic crop producers

Managing weed, insect and disease pests on an organic farm requires addressing potential problems before they arise. Preventative practices start with crop rotation and good soil management practices. Learn more about preventative practices and how they are required for organic certification.

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Keeping accurate records is crucial for any business. Find out what types of records are required for organic certification and how they will be evaluated during the certification process.

Additional Videos

WSDA Organic Program has created additional videos which expand on the themes explored in the Sound and Sensible Organic Certification video series.

Organic livestock feed requirements

USDA certified organic livestock has specific requirements about feed, nutrition, health care, and access to the outdoors. Listen in as WSDA certified organic operations talk about how they manage feed and pasture requirements for organic livestock.

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Preventative practices for organic handlers and processors

Organic certification requires maintaining organic integrity from the sourcing of ingredients to the final packaging and distribution of the product. Learn about the key steps and procedures to avoid commingling and contamination of organic processed products.