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Groundwater Quality Protection


WSDA Groundwater Quality Protection activities address a variety of groundwater issues that involve fertilizers and pesticides. WSDA also participates in several joint groundwater protection projects with other agencies and organizations.


In 2003, WSDA initiated a statewide aquifer vulnerability assessment. The assessment gauges the relative sensitivity of Washington states groundwater resources to pesticide contamination.The final report is currently under peer review. However, the study data is updated yearly. One of the results of the study was the development of a fact sheet to provide applicators with an easy-to-follow reference to pesticides having either label restrictions or advisories for protecting groundwater. The study is a GIS-based analysis using soil data from the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), rainfall data provided by the U.S. Weather Bureau, pesticide-specific data, water level data from the Department of Ecology and geologic information from Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

If you have additional questions regarding Groundwater Quality Protection activities, contact Gary Bahr, Natural Resources Assessment Section Manager at (360) 902-1936 or by e-mail at