Washington State-Initiated Plan

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Washington State-Initiated Plan


The Washington state-initiated plan, "Washington State Endangered Species Protection Plan for Pesticide Use" formalizes the current process between WSDA and EPA for the use of state-specific data to make ecological risk assessments and/or Endangered Species Act (ESA) effects determinations.

The plan establishes a procedure for WSDA and EPA to collaborate in the development of pesticide use mitigation, if needed, to protect threatened and endangered species. It is WSDA's intent that the mitigation be crafted to not only protect threatened and endangered species but to also retain the pesticide's use whenever possible.

In December 2004, WSDA issued and requested comments on the draft version of the Washington state-initiated plan.

WSDA then presented the draft state-initiated plan, including a summary of all comments and suggested revisions, to Washington State Pesticide Advisory Board at their Feb. 16, 2005 meeting.

Following the 2005 Pesticide Advisory Board review, WSDA submitted the draft plan to EPA for approval. After submission, WSDA and EPA revised the draft plan to ensure it is consistent with the goals of EPA's Endangered Species Protection Program.

In August 2007, EPA conditionally approved the Washington state-initiated plan.

General information about the state-initiated plan may be found in Frequently Asked Questions about the Washington State-Initiated Plan.

For specific information about the Washington state-initiated plan, call WSDA at (360) 902-2067 or toll-free (877) 301-4555, #6.