Exotic Pest Survey

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Exotic Pest Survey

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Please help WSDA track two new exotic pest insects!

The southern green stink bug and the lily leaf beetle have both emerged in the past three years as ornamental and landscape pests in western Washington. They are very distinctive, and you can help us collect detailed data about the extent of their range. Please follow the links to a report form and map for each species:

Southern Green Stink Bug Report Form 

Photo by Kat Hentsch

Lily Leaf Beetle Report Form

Photo by Eric LaGasa

The detection and evaluation of exotic insects introduced into Washington State is the focus of the WSDA Exotic Pest Survey Branch, which conducts annual surveys, inspections, and investigations as needed to protect the economic and natural resources of the state from damage from introduced exotic pests.
Reports for annual exotic pest survey projects will be provided on these pages, as well as timely, graphical outreach information on the biology, identification, and impacts of insects not previously recorded from the Pacific Northwest. Exotic species reported will have a bias toward those known to feed on agricultural and ornamental commodities common in Washington State, but information on other introduced foreign species of public, regional, and national interest will be presented as well.
These activities are often done in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service / Plant Protection and Quarantine Program, and other federal and Washington State agencies and universities.
We welcome contributions, comments, and suggestions for improvement of these pages.