Quarantine Area Residents

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Quarantine Area Residents

Apple maggot is spread through homegrown fruit and municipal waste. Host fruit includes apples, crabapples, cherries, pears, plums, hawthorn, and quince. That's why state law prohibits you from transporting these items out of the quarantine area. 

Backyard Fruit Trees and Apple Maggot

In Washington, property owners are required by state law to manage pests on their property to prevent their spread. This includes managing apple maggot if you have it. Washington State University extension has several good resources for managing pests using Integrated Pest Management: Managing apple maggot at home can be costly and time consuming, but don't simply abandon your trees. This will allow apple maggot and other pests to multiply rapidly. If a tree is left unmanaged, it should be removed. 

Leave Homegrown Fruit at Home

Don't risk spreading apple maggot. If you live in a quarantined area, such as King County, you cannot take homegrown fruit on a trip to a pest-free area, such as Grant County. If you did, you could be carrying infested fruit to a pest-free area. This only applies to fresh homegrown fruit. Store-bought fruit or fruit that has been baked, canned, or processed in some way, can be safely transported out of the quarantine area. 

Managing Residential Trash

Municipal waste in your area may be regulated under a WSDA Special Permit. This could mean that your green waste (such as yard debris and fruit) must be separated from household waste. Check with your local waste hauler for details on what items are restricted from your trash.

Composting at Home

Composting at home can be a great alternative way to dispose of yard waste, fruit, and woody debris. Not only is it easy to compost in your backyard, but it is a great way to improve the soil in your garden.   

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