Apple Maggot Quarantine

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Apple Maggot Quarantine

The purpose of the apple maggot quarantine is to stop the spread of apple maggot into pest-free areas of the state. State law prohibits the movement of homegrown fruit and municipal waste from a quarantined area into or through a pest-free area.

To help you comply with state law, WSDA has created a searchable map. Enter an address into the search bar and the map will tell you if the address is within the quarantine boundary or not. If you live in a quarantine boundary, please visit our Quarantine Area Residents webpage to learn more about restrictions associated with your area. 


Apple Maggot Searchable Map

What about store-bought fruit?

WSDA inspects fruit before it goes to the grocery store and certifies that it is pest-free. Store-bought fruit may be taken into or through a pest-free area. However, store-bought fruit may be prohibited from entering your garbage. Check with your local waste hauler to learn more.