Green Waste

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Apple Maggot and Green Waste

Municipal green waste is a commodity regulated under the apple maggot quarantine and is defined as yard debris,organic feedstock, organic materials, and agricultural wastes. These materials are considered host mediums for apple maggot and are likely to contain host fruits defined in WAC 16-470-111. Host fruits include apple, cherry, hawthorn, pear, plum, prune, and quince. WSDA does not regulate finished compost as defined in WAC 173-350-100.

The apple maggot quarantine has two main requirements for the movement of municipal green waste:

  1. Facilities inside an apple maggot quarantine area cannot transport green waste into or through a pest-free area without a special permit.
  2. Waste facilities in pest-free areas cannot accept green waste from apple maggot quarantine areas without a special permit.

Composting and waste facilities play an important role in preventing the spread of apple maggot. If your facility is within a quarantine area, you will need a special permit in order to transport green waste into or through a pest-free area. This includes green waste that is mixed with solid waste, as well as overflow green waste.

The special permit requires that green waste goes through a treatment that neutralizes apple maggot, prior to transport.


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