International Marketing Program Contact List

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International Marketing Program Contact List

State of Washington
Department of Agriculture International Marketing Program
1111 Washington Street SE
P.O. Box 42560
Olympia, WA 98504-2560
Fax:  (360) 902-2085
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Ms. Rianne Perry, Program Manager

Olympia, WA  |  Tel: (360) 902-1841  |  Email:
Industry Liaison: Wine

Washington-Based Trade Specialists

Export Development

Identify and provide resources to Washington food and agriculture companies to help them become export ready.

Ms. Julie Johnson 

Olympia, WA  |  Tel: (360) 902-1940  |  Email:
Responsibilities: Export Development and Outreach
Industry Liaison: Beer

Export Assistance

Match buyers and sellers, conduct trade activities, and provide information and assistance to facilitate trade. Staff are based regionally across the state and are the first line of contact for food and agriculture companies within their region.  

Ms. Elisa Daun 

Seattle, WA  |  Tel: (206) 454-2201  |  Email:
Regional Responsibility: Western Washington
Markets: Canada, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Industry Liaison: Dairy Products, Distilled Spirits, Nursery Products, Seafood

Mr. Zachary Garza 

Yakima, WA  |  Tel: (509) 249-6910  |  Email:
Regional Responsibility: Central Washington
Markets: Europe, Japan, Mexico, Central America, South America
Industry Liaison: Hops, Onions, Potatoes, Pulse Crops, Seed Crops, Tree Fruit, Cider

Ms. Rebecca Weber 

Kennewick, WA  |  Tel: (509) 735-3666  |  Email:
Regional Responsibility: Eastern Washington
Markets: SE Asia, Australia, South Korea, Middle East, India
Industry Liaison: Berries, Grain, Hay, Livestock/Beef/Poultry, Pulse and Seed Crops, 
Other Row Crops

Overseas-Based Trade Representatives


Mr. Scott Hitchman

Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81-50-3383-2872 


Mr. Li, Haidong

Shanghai, China
Tel: 0086 21 23165399 Cell: 0086 13701869509


Mr. Dong Hwan Kim, "Danny Kim"

Seoul, Korea 
Tel: +82-70-7701-0866 Cell: 82-10-7274-9801 Fax: 82-2-753-5154 

SE Asia

Mr. Francis Lee

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: +84 8 5413-6550 Cell: +84 9 0990-1913 Fax: +84 8 5413-6549