Washington Harvest Posters

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Washington Harvest Posters

WSDA is pleased to present this set of 21 Washington Harvest posters highlighting terrific Washington-grown fruits and vegetables!
WA Harvest Apple Poster
WA Harvest Asparagus Poster
WA Harvest Broccoli Poster
WA Harvest Carrot Poster
WA Harvest Cherry Poster
WA Harvest Corn Poster
WA Harvest Cranberry Poster
WA Harvest Kale Poster
WA Harvest Leek Poster
Washington Harvest Milk Poster
WA Harvest Pear Poster
WA Harvest Peaches Poster
WA Harvest Peaches Poster
WA Harvest Potatoes Poster
WA Harvest Rhubarb Poster
WA Harvest Salad Greens Poster
WA Harvest Strawberries Poster
WA Harvest Summer Squash Poster
WA Harvest Tomato Poster
WA Harvest Watermelon Poster
WA Harvest Winter Squash Poster

Click on each image to view the full-size PDF.  Each image is available for download and is designed to be printed at either 11" x 17" or 2' x 3'.

[See below for acknowledgements and project partners]


  • Poster Design by Robyn Ricks
  • Tomato photo courtesy of Stacy Felure at Tonnemaker Farms
  • Bulk potato photo courtesy of Kira Olsen at Olsen Farms
  • Small pea pictures courtesy of Emily Matthiessen, from her collection of photos of Four Elements Farm.

Special thanks to Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Department of Agriculture for sharing their poster files, from which many of the food facts were adapted, and to the following partners who helped us update and add new facts for Washington State:

Apples – Fort Vancouver High School Horticulture Program
Asparagus - Sunnyside School District
Broccoli - Riverview School District
Carrot - Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network
Cherries - Othello School District
Cheese - Washington State Dairy Council
Cranberries - Olympia School District
Corn - Auburn School District
Kale - Whatcom Farm to School Support Team
Leeks - La Connor School District
Milk - Washington State Dairy Council
Peach - Wahluke School District
Pear - San Juan County Extension
Peas - Lower Columbia School Gardens
Potato - Franklin Pierce School Farm
Rhubarb - Orcas Island School District
Salad Greens - WSU Stevens County Extension
Strawberries – GRuB
Summer Squash - Kent School District
Tomato - Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network
Winter Squash - Walla Walla Public Schools
Yogurt - Washington State Dairy Council