Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) Program

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Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) Program

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USDA Rule for Traceability of Livestock Moving Interstate

The final rule on animal disease traceability became effective on March 11, 2013. The rule outlines federal requirements for the interstate movement of animals including what animals are required to be officially identified, approved forms of official identification, certification requirements, and allowed exemptions. The full text can be accessed here. Additionally, the USDA has traceability information on their website .

Approved Tagging Sites

  • Chehalis Livestock Market
  • Stockland Livestock Auction
  • Toppenish Livestock Commission
  • Woody's Livestock Market

Prior to arrival, contact the tagging site for an appointment. Approved tagging sites are locations where livestock may be officially identified to meet USDA's official identification requirements for livestock moving interstate. Information on tagging sites can be found on page 13 of USDA Animal Disease Traceability General Standards located at: USDA Tagging Site General Standards

The Mission of The Animal Disease Traceability Program is to:

Assist in the containment of animal diseases in Washington State by:

  • Maintaining and managing an accurate and timely animal health database to provide immediate animal disease traceability (ADT), and
  • Providing broad based customer service and animal identification expertise to Washington’s livestock & poultry industry

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